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I'm thrilled the stars have brought  you here. Wonderful examples of my Spirit art and healing paintings of  images I see through clairvoyance aided by higher consciousness.

"My reading with Alison was spot on. She tapped into pivotal events in my past that led me to where I am now and where my life is going. She shared how all of these things are aiding my soul's growth. I am grateful for her insight as well as the painting;it gives me a road map to reflect upon."     

                                       Mary M.


"I had the pleasure of taking Reiki I & II classes with Alison. The experience was not only informative but also ethereal. I was moved. I am happy to have chosen Flourish for my training. Prior to the classes, I had an Auragraph session with Alison and her reading was so amazing. So many aspects were spot on and she even got the name of a relative that gives me inspiration and guidance from the other side. And the artwork that followed validated even more about my life. I love it! "

                                        Nicole C.

"I had a beautiful session with Alison. She was able to connect with several of my loved ones. It brought tears to my eyes as I did not expect to experience such deep connections with a variety of spirits. Thank you so much for this,Alison. I especially appreciated the ease in your approach, the relaxed atmosphere, and all the joy and laughter as you connected with the personalities of my loved ones."

                                                 Jocelyn M.

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"Alison is an amazing healer and medium. I have learned a lot from her shared experiences and her readings are awesome" 

                                                  Lisa D. 

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"My experiences with Alison have been outstanding. She is a gifted light worker and medium. I would trust her with any kind of metaphysical work."              

                                                Maria L.

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"Alison is truly one of the most talented intuitive I have ever met. She is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable in the way she approaches her clients, and most importantly -she is accurate. Her innate ability to tap into subtle energies helped me make contact with passed loved ones, and she has given me tremendous insight that has allowed me to live my life with happiness, vitality, and a sense of inner peace. I highly recommend her services."

                                              Christy B.  

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"BOOK A READING WITH ALISON! Truly an AMAZING experience! Alison is one of the most gifted, talented and connected Psychic Mediums I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is able to connect with your loved ones that have crossed over and converse with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors to receive and deliver amazing messages. Alison connects with your higher self to uncover information from your past, present and future. Channeling the Divine, Alison lets spirit flow through her paintbrush to create amazing Higher Self Watercolours. I feel so grateful and honored to have my personalized Higher Self Watercolour. I absolutely LOVE IT!! Thanks Alison."

                                                       Lori S.

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