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"I had a beautiful session with Alison. She was able to connect with several of  my loved ones. It brought tears to my eyes as I did not expect to experience such deep connections with a variety of spirits. Thank you so much for this, Alison. I especially appreciated the ease in your approach, the relaxed atmosphere, and all the joy and laughter as you connected with the personalities of my loved ones."

Jocelyn M. 

"Alison is an amazing healer and medium. I have learned a lot from her shared experiences and her readings are awesome."

Lisa D. 

"Alison is truly one of the most talented intuitive I have ever met. She is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable in the way she approaches her clients, and most importantly-she is accurate. Her innate ability to tap into subtle energies helped me make contact with passed loved ones, and she has given me tremendous insight that has allowed me to live my life with happiness, vitality, and a sense of inner peace. I highly recommend her services." 

Christy B. 

"My reading with Alison was spot on. She tapped into pivotal events in my past that led me to where I am now and where my life is going. She shared how all of these things are aiding my soul's growth. I am grateful for her insight as well as the painting; it gives me a road map to reflect upon."

Mary M. 

"I had the pleasure of taking Reiki I & II classes with Alison. The experience was not only informative but also ethereal. I was moved. I am happy to have chosen Flourish for my training. Prior to the classes, I had an Auragraph session with Alison and her reading was so amazing. So many aspects were spot on and she even got the name of a relative that gives me inspiration and guidance from the Other Side. And the artwork that followed validated even more about my life. I love it!"

Nicole C. 

"My experiences with Alison have been outstanding. She is a gifted light worker and medium. I would trust her with any kind of metaphysical work."

Maria L. 

"Alison, you have such a kind, caring personality and did a great job of bringing throughly best friend's mom including information about her appearance, personality, things she enjoyed doing, and more!The message really meant a lot. Thanks for a great reading!."

Tamera M. 

"Alison, you captured the sassiness and soul essence of my loved one in Spirit. You provided me with so many gold nuggets of evidence! It felt like a wonderful visit with my grandmother today!! The messages from the spirit world was so beautiful! Alison, you are a lovely, bright, angelic, kind-hearted light worker, with the most beautiful soul energy! Our session was a wonderful gift."

Beth H.

"Thank you Alison for the reading and I really appreciated the message at the end of my grandmother acknowledging my art projects that I am venturing into learning now and it's just another validation of her letting me know she is around, so thank you!"

Karina H.

"Alison brought forward my mother. How she dressed with care and how she looked with her makeup, dress, hair, nails, and jewelry. That she loved to cook. How she tried to look on the bright side of life, loved flowers outside, her home to be be ordered and filled with things she loved. She brought up how I need to get back to my art. I agree and will. She named my family that has passed and is with her. Great reading. Thank you Alison. I don't know how you did it but you made me very happy."

Joanne M. 

"Alison brought through my Nana and my Spirit Guide and their encouraging words. It was very validating to me knowing this guide existed. You were amazing. I really enjoyed watching you channel and seeing your trust in spirit. You have such a warm and kind energy. I enjoyed our session very much! Thank you!"

Rachel Ann S.

"Alison brought my grandfather through. There was plenty of evidence of who he was, what he did for work and his love and importance of family. His message was perfect and fit my current situation. Alison is kind and has good energy, making it was for me to relax."

Liz S. 

"The details of what you brought through were amazing and completely accurate. Thank you."

Susan P. 

"Alison did a great job of identifying my grandfather who passed away before I was born. I did not know much about him so she was able to identify him and helped me to connect with the wonderful soul who I never met but I was told about him from my family. It was a very heart warming session to know that he is always with me even though he passed before I was born. She described different memories at stages of my life through his eyes that were correct. Alison also connected me with my grandmother (my grandfather's wife) which made this session more special, and she also let me know that she is always with me."

Linda R. 

"It was clear that Alison was connecting with my daughter. She got her illness and what she went through with it, and how she still persevered to continue doing the things she loved to do. I appreciated the meaningful messages that my daughter had for me, as well as her expressions of gratitude for all of her caretakers. Thanks again for a great reading!"

Jan M.

"Thank you for the beautiful reading. Alison brought through my grandpa and my dad. The descriptions were very accurate and they gave very meaningful advice. You got my dad's hair to a tee lol!."

Julia F. 

"Alison connected with my mom and brought through very specific evidence with her dress, personality, all of her siblings, and the best was her biscuit making. What an outstanding job. I loved working with Alison. Her confidence, love and respect for the spirit world is amazing. Thank you for a joyful session and wonderful conversation."

Lois M. 

"Alison brought through my mother and mother in law and described them accurately. Alison is a pro and could not have been more accurate. My mom's advice on family dynamics was really impressive."

Barbara B. 

"There was a great level of detail that helped me zero in on my loved one. You are an amazing gift to the people you serve in Spirit. The way you communicated the information was clear and concise. The amount of evidence was significant. Thank you!"

Juniper S. 

"Alison brought through great information describing my grandmother. Thank you for the wonderful message from my grandmother. Lovely to meet you."

Ikuko M. 

"You conveyed the essence of my close friend beautifully, Alison! Thank you for the lovely reading. It was most helpful and I really appreciate it."

Brooke B. 

This was a very insightful reading and Alison created a very full  picture of my mother."

Marsha S. 

"Alison is so compassionate and relatable I felt super comfortable during the reading. I felt like my loved ones came though strong. The evidence was vast. A book. I've been thinking about writing came through in the reading validating its importance. Alison articulated the messages clearly and concisely and I felt heard by my loved ones as well. I really resonated with her approach and felt comfortable the entire reading instead of nervous like I sometimes am before a reading."

Dev V. 

"Excellent evidence, good communication, character details and personality. Thank you for your service! Great evidence, communication, and beautiful messages. Keep up the good work! "

Beverly L 

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