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Living A Spiritual Life Daily

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

When I started to become aware of my awakening around 2012 I was so enthralled in everything metaphysical that not much else seemed to matter to me. I was deep into learning all I could learn about different religions, spiritual practices and paths. I had no idea where I was being led I just knew I was curious about everything and I felt like my soul was calling me to certain areas of inquisition. After years of study with countless books, teachers, classes, demonstrations, and circles I realized all the things I had learned and remembered were important but not as important as integrating the concepts into everyday life. To actually take every now moment to become aware, to feel, to check in with myself was something I felt would be a more expanded experience.


There I was with so much learned knowledge and information. Finding a way of putting it all into practice during everyday life was a bit of a challenge. I have a very good relationship with my Spirit Guides so I called a meeting sort of speak. They began to explain over time that when I called an experience into my awareness it would be wise to practice the concepts I had learned. Of course, the main and most important concept was simple. Love everyone, love yourself, and love your life and everything in it. I said OK. That sounds simple. But then I would find myself getting bent out of shape over something that would happen or someone’s ideas and opinions that were not similar to mine. It caused me to pause and reflect on what I had learned and how to go about redirecting my thoughts about the situation.

I have always been pretty open minded. “Live and let live” has always been a saying that has resonated with me. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s was a time of openness and acceptance. Having clairempathy made this very easy for me and at the same time it came with its difficulties. But the true practice of really not worrying about what someone else says, thinks, or does had to come from deep within. Remaining calm and peaceful from the inside took practice, insight, and diligence to become aware of how I was feeling. And learning if what I was feeling belonged to me or to someone else. Over and over again. Each time I thought I was over something it seemed like a new experience would take it up a notch and I would have the opportunity to try it again from a different and higher perspective. Some days and experiences are easier than others. There are times when I just want to have fun and not turn every experience into some sort of higher learning. But the opportunity always remains. It is all a choice and that is what free will is all about.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I learned that being a spiritual person is part of who we are. And incorporating the ideals and principles into our everyday life as human experiences is life itself. It is not about how many times you meditate a day or how many times you say prayers or mantras. (These are wonderful and beautiful practices and I use them on a daily basis and these practices are a sort of guidepost to assist in refocusing on what is truly there for learning.) Life is about fully living these concepts and becoming the living manifestation of love. Becoming life itself. Observing life. Witnessing the unfoldment like a beautiful flower that is blossoming in awareness itself. To actually comprehend that there is no thing outside of yourself was mind altering for me. And I still have times where all these principles escape my awareness and I fall back into the play of the world.

When we realize just how much power and control we have over our own lives and relearn to take every moment that occurs and use it to our advantage we become the alchemist we were born to be.

Remember, you bring the power of love with you wherever you go.


I want to encourage you to continue to do the most enjoyable and pleasing activities that bring the most joy to your life. I certainly realize that there are some instances where we are involved in difficult situations or circumstances. I have had many experiences with life’s challenges. I feel I am much better for them because I would not have been propelled to change my life direction. In challenging moments, take a moment to pause and take a few deep breaths. Some questions to ponder are:

Ask yourself what am I afraid of here?

Am I reacting to energy that is not mine?

What thoughts are holding me back from being in peace?

What and where are my thoughts taking me that is not in alignment with my highest self?

Is this situation my highest truth or is it a story I’ve been conditioned to believe?

There comes more clarity and you are able to have insight to change your emotions to a somewhat better feeling. Changing your awareness and focus on a better feeling then guides you increased joy.

Once you recognize the energy for what it is, there is a sigh of relief. A peace floats in on each breath and you give yourself a spaciousness that allows compassion, grace, love, and peace to enter into the situation you are experiencing. A higher perspective and realization becomes clear. There is a relief that can be felt and experienced. You tend to feel comforted and supported. In these everyday situations and experiences of life is where expansion of the soul happens. Don’t forget to celebrate these seemingly small moments for they are attuning and directing you towards a higher state of being.

These are not always easy but they are doable when you consider that the powerful energy of the Universe is actually the one doing all the work. Surrendering and believing in the goodness of this universal power and myself was the most difficult thing I think I have done thus far. But at the same time it is ongoing. In time, the more you practice it the easier and clearer things become. Practice taking each now moment or start with once a day and become aware of what you are feeling and sensing. Later, start to take twice a day moments and so on. Learn to change your perspective and become the openness of the universe.


Remember, you are never alone in your quest to remember how incredibly wonderful and loved you are. You have a team of guides, angels, ancestors, and galactic families at your side. In fact, you have the entire Universe at your side. All you have to do is ask.

I hope this article shines a light on your ability to cultivate your own magnificence. And if you would like to explore more aspects of spirituality and higher consciousness, or need assistance and guidance in your own spiritual journey visit our website and check out our services at

Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist


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