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Higher Self Portraits

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I eagerly wanted to share a sample of my Higher Self watercolor portraits I created for some dear friends and clients.

My definition of a Higher Self portrait is an interpretation of your wise, whole, unconditionally loving True Nature expressed in color, personality and symbols. Your physical body is just one of multiple light bodies of consciousness that form your entire self. A Higher Self-portrait is the Energetic aspects of the dimension of Eternity, past lives and other Realms. Bringing these ethereal codes to paint and paper gives you a picture to reflect upon and come to realize your true potentials and ascend in consciousness. A complete, specific journey tailored to serve your highest good.

I was introduced to Higher Self portraits several years ago by another good friend who did one for me as a gift. I was moved, motivated and inspired by the information. After seeing the actual information come to life in colors and symbols by way of a painting it was so life affirming that I decided to embark on repaying the service to others. At first, I was unsure of my ability to do it (two cents from the ego gallery) but as my soul kept placing opportunities in front of me I excitedly started to engage in Higher Self readings. After portraying what I saw and gleaned into the watercolor painting I became overjoyed. My friends and clients were astounded by how much they were empowered and motivated by the readings and the artwork. The information resonated with them on a deep level. Higher Self-portraits are one of my favorite readings and are very rewarding and encouraging to the recipient. Bringing to life someone’s true nature is an honor. I hope you experience the uplifting support that is always available from the Other Side and your Higher Self.

If you would like the experience of a Higher Self portrait reading please use the contact form on my website to schedule.


Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist

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