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Disappearing Objects Phenomenon (DOP) 

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Have you ever heard of disappearing objects phenomenon (DOP)? I had never heard of it until a few years ago when I had something I used daily just disappear into thin air and was no where to be found only to suddenly just show up much later. Have you ever had objects around you disappear only to be found at a later time? Small objects like keys, a brush or comb, crystals, socks, even clothes, etc. seem to disappear only to show up out of no where a period of time later. I have had this happen on several occasions and discovered that there is a name for it. It’s called Disappearing Objects Phenomenon (DOP). I will explore my experiences with DOP in this article.

I certainly became aware of this several years ago when I lost several different objects in my work bag including my name badge. Several different objects along with my badge also went missing. I am very consistent with placing my things in their proper place. I also currently live alone. So imagine my surprise when these things just disappeared from my countertop. One minute they’re there and the next minute they are gone. At the time, it included objects that had to do with decisions and ideas I was contemplating. Something I didn’t necessarily want to do anymore. Our thoughts and feelings are so powerful. Sometimes I don’t believe we really know and understand how powerful our thoughts, feelings and beliefs really are. 

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Another object that disappeared was a tool I used for my nails. I have had it for about 10 years. One day I was sitting on the couch and I dropped it on the floor. I heard it hit the floor. I tore my couch and living room apart and I could not find it. I even looked in the next room. Nothing. I heard it hit the ground yet it was nowhere to be found. The next day I cleaned, mopped, and looked under all my furniture and there was nothing. So I replaced it with something similar and got on with life. No big deal. I was still amazed about how it just disappeared. About six months later, I was on the couch and dozed off. I woke up a few minutes later and saw the object on my coffee table. In full view! It was not there before. This lead me to wonder about different dimensions. Had these objects slipped out of the dimension I was in to a similar location not to be seen by my physical eyes? Or was it me who was vibrating in and out of different dimensions where these objects no longer existed? 

I had an idea to use my loved and trusted pendulum. If you want to know more about pendulums and how they work see my article on pendulums here. It is a form of divination used to answer “yes” and “no” questions. 

I prepared myself and my pendulum in my usual way. I stood in my living room and asked “Is this nail tool in a different dimension?” The pendulum swung in a “yes” motion. I continued to ask “What dimension?” And then started with 3rd?, 4th?, 5th?, 6th?, 7th?, 8th?, 9th?, 10th?, 11th? I got a “no” for all of these questions. Then when I asked if the object was in the 12th dimension I received a “ yes”! I was so surprised. I could not imagine why a nail tool would be in the 12th dimension. I mean do they have nails to file in that dimension? Maybe just curious. I now realize I was the one moving in and out of different dimensions. Everything is energy and always vibrating. Including us. 

Just recently, I had a moss agate crystal return to an obvious place that would have been clearly seen by me had it been there. It had been missing for about six months. I looked and searched high and low in the place it was kept. I then just asked for it to be returned if it was for the highest good. Then, to my surprise, about six months later I was drawn to the floor right next to my bed. In plain view, there was this dark green stone staring right back at me like I had just left it there where it lay. I was so excited and glad to see it. I cleansed it with Reiki and placed it where it had been six months earlier. 

Later on, after my continued research into vibration, jumping timelines, energy movement, and the fact that we are multidimensional beings the whole DOP began to make more sense. 

Everything is energy. Some vibrating at a high rate not seen by the naked eye but seen by the inner vision or third eye. Able to be felt by our inner feeling or knowing. These are what we call our psychic senses. The clair senses. For more on the clair senses see my article here. Some vibrating at a slower rate becoming solid enough for the naked eye to see and the physical to touch. When our thoughts create vibration our whole world changes. Sometimes, it is so subtle we don’t notice it. Other times it is blatantly obvious, like the disappearing objects. 

Some people may say you are absent minded and forgot where you placed your item or someone in the same house may have borrowed the item and not put it back where it belongs. Some say it was a poltergeist or fae energy. And these may be true in some circumstances. I will be the first to admit I misplace things at times. But luckily for me I’m a psychic medium and when I ask spirit to remind me or show me where I placed something or where something is I get shown where or what happened. 

Disappearing objects phenomenon is fascinating. It gives a whole new perspective on multidimensional beings and vibrations of energy. I have heard a well known channel say that the world we are in doesn’t change. We are the ones that change our vibration to a new location that already exists. This feels like it makes more sense and a more plausible explanation. No matter what your beliefs are DOP is an interesting concept to ponder. 

I hope you enjoyed this article on energy, vibration, and the interesting idea of disappearing objects phenomena. 

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Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist 

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