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The Clair Senses

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

An eye with clear vision

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The clair senses are your perceptions of what you see, hear, feel, taste and touch although it goes much further than that. These senses lie beyond the physical senses as you know it in the human state of being. It is the extra perception of those senses that are known beyond the human definition of the six senses. There are many extra perception senses that are not known. We will discuss the main clair senses that you may be most familiar with. By making these extra sensory perceptions more aware to you we hope you can recognize most of these in yourselves and the awareness of this recognition will propel you on to further curiosity. You may have one or more or all of the following clairs. Usually one or two will be more evident than the others. The ultimate goal is to have all the extrasensory perceptions working together.

The word clair is a French word meaning clear. As an intuitive medium I use all of the main clairs in my intuitive work.

Clairvoyance is one of the well-known clair senses. It means clear seeing or intuitive vision. Seeing objects, actions or events through the third eye (mind’s eye). This sense can be subjective or objective. These can come as flashes of a picture, object or action. It can also be a fully detailed description of a particular object. It can be in colors, shapes, richness and depth. Sometimes it can be like watching a movie in your mind. For example, if you stare at an apple with your eyes open then close your eyes you can see the apple, it’s color, it’s shape, it’s size, or if it has a stem or not. Some experiences may be vivid dreams, precognitive dreams or visions, peripheral vision flashes of light, use of descriptive metaphors and adjectives, deep connection with beautiful things and places or when reading a book you can see the descriptions of what is being said in your mind as a picture. In conversation if you find yourself saying “I see you” , if you are very visual, you like learning things by seeing pictures, graphs, or paintings, have big visions and can see the “big picture” or you notice details of things visually then most likely you will have a tendency towards clairvoyance.

Clairaudience is known as clear hearing. Intuitive hearing of sounds, words and extrasensory noise from spiritual realms. This extra sensory ability can also be subjective or objective and is connected to the throat chakra. Sometimes the sound will come from inside your head and other times it will sound like it is coming from outside of you. At times a high frequency pitch, music or tunes can be heard. Some experiences will show up as being an auditory learner, sensitive to noise, talking to yourself and repeating conversations from the past in your head. You may hear disembodied voices, whispering, noises or raps. In conversation if you find yourself saying “I hear you” or you like to learn by listening or you are a music lover or love to sing most likely you are clairaudient.

Clairsentience is clear feeling. Intuitive knowledge by feeling. Most widely known as a “gut feeling” and connected to the solar plexus chakra. Being aware of something by feeling it in your stomach and using that to decide if something feels right or not so right. Having butterflies in your stomach is a well-known feeling of clairsentience. Some sensitives and empaths will feel what is going on with another person physically. If you notice you feel a different way or have a headache all of a sudden take notice of what is around you and what is taking place. It may not be you at all but something or someone else. In conversation if you find yourself saying “I feel you” it can indicate clairsentience.

Claircognizance is clear knowing. Intuitive knowledge that includes precognition (future) and retro cognition (past) and connected to the crown chakra. If you find yourself knowing who is texting or calling beforehand then you will have a tendency towards claircognizance. You will know things without knowing how you know. It is a very strong feeling of surety.

Clairempathy is clear and direct feeling as if it’s your own. This is a deep empathy for all living things and connected to the heart chakra. The ultimate sixth sense. Most empaths are very familiar with clairempathy. If you can put yourself in someone else’s place and experience all their feelings be it physical or emotional and feel it as if it is your own then you know clairempathy. It can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable if you are not totally aware of your own energy and feelings. On the other hand it gives you a complete sense of awareness and compassion for another. You can definitely say you know what it’s like to walk in another persons shoes. Some experiences may include overwhelming emotions, heightened sensory awareness, natural ability of a healer, love children, animals, nature, and elders with a strong desire to help and be of service. There is a tendency to isolate yourself and you have difficulty with aggression and conflict.

Clairtangency is known as psychometry. Intuitive knowing by touching an object or living being. Also known as object reading. One can hold an object not known to them and be able to know history from that object. A photograph reading is very close to this type of psychic ability. Everything is energy. Objects and photographs hold a certain amount of energy from the person in the photograph or the owner of the object. The object or photo holds that energy and sensitives are able to pick up on this energy.

Clairalience is clear smelling. Smelling fragrance or odor of a substance, person, place or animal not in one’s surroundings and is connected to the third eye chakra. One might smell their grandmother’s or grandfather’s favorite perfume or cologne, cigarette, pipe, cigar or any other scent of a departed loved one. One might smell roses or their pet’s shampoo. If you smell a light floral scent different from anything you’ve smelled in this dimension it may be connected to the Ascended Masters. This sensitivity is closely related to clairgustance or clear tasting. Clairalience may occur in some who have a heightened sense of smell when it comes to diseases or illness. You may smell something strange that no one else around you smells. The smells will often bring up strong emotions like sadness, joy or feelings of nostalgia.

Clairgustance is clear tasting or intuitive tasting and is connected to the throat chakra. Tasting something not actually in one’s mouth related to someone or something from the past, present or future. It may not only be food one can taste but also a tree, a place or the person’s clothes. The taste will bring up some emotions like sadness, joy or feelings of nostalgia. For example, if you remember eating a favorite food at a particular holiday and every time you eat that same food it brings up the feelings and emotions you had at that time. Do you wake from dreams and remember a certain taste? Or do you taste something when you are meditating or relaxing? You may love to cook and taste as you go or have a keen sense of all the ingredients in a dish at a restaurant. If so, you may well have clairgustance.

Be aware of these extrasensory perceptions and the experiences you have with them. Keep a journal of your experiences to reflect upon. The more you notice and are aware of these extra senses the more they will likely occur in your life.


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