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An Easy Way to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I am frequently asked “How do you connect and speak to your Spirit Guides so well and have communication with them on a daily basis”?

Raising your vibration to a higher level where your Spirit Team has your full attention is key. Our Spiritual Teams must lower their vibration and we must raise ours to meet them on an energetic level. The vibration on the planet has increased so it is becoming easier to connect with Higher Consciousness and Light Beings. This is the process I use to connect with my guides or any other Higher Consciousness or Light Being.


Meditation and stilling the mind is the first priority when it comes to connecting with your Spiritual Team. There are many different forms of meditation and all work wonderfully when you find the one that is perfect for you. There is the traditional yoga position with your back straight and body relaxed and comfortable, traditional savasana (the corpse pose), lying down, active meditations such as walking, gardening or playing with your pet outdoors, or doing a mindless repetitive activity such as washing dishes or vacuuming your living room. You may use some high frequency music of your liking or sit in silence. You can stare into a candle flame or a crystal. I prefer to sit in silence so that I am completely aware of all my senses. The main point is to still the mind as much as possible. Perhaps you may have thoughts of your task list or random thoughts just don’t follow them. The silence allows you to feel, hear and understand the subtle clues and messages our Spirit Team gives us. It gives us a moment to relax our mind and our muscles and reconnect with our true nature. A consistent meditation practice begins to automatically raise your awareness from the physical world to higher awareness or consciousness which is always there beneath the noise of the world. Taking in conscious deep relaxed breaths does this automatically.

Over the years I have come to rely on a combination of meditations that I have found to be extremely helpful and consistent in their results. Using Suzanne Giesemann’s I BLESS ME method (which you can find here on You Tube) and a grounding meditation I learned when I was first learning to meditate.

First, set an intention to connect with your Spiritual Team. Hold the intention in your heart. You may place both your hands over your heart and say “I wish to connect with my primary Spirit Guide” or “I would like to meet my Spiritual Team whomever that may be for the highest good of all.” Most people have more than one Spirit Guide. The amount you have depends on what you need and what you are working on at the moment. They change as required. Ask to connect with the highest consciousness from the Light. Hold that intention and focus on your breathing. Relax. Have no expectations.

Next, you can open your seven main chakra energy centers either by intention or visually in your mind’s eye (third eye). Take some deep breaths and lift your vibration by imagining roots going down from your feet down through each layer of Mother Earth into liquid gold at the core center of the earth. Or you can wrap your roots around a crystal in the center of the earth that corresponds with the particular chakra beginning at the root. Red for the root at the base of the spine, orange for the sacral two inches below the belly button, yellow for the solar plexus at the stomach, green for the heart at the chest, light blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye between the eyes and violet or white for the crown at the top of the head. Surround yourself with pure white light and imagine it flowing up through your legs and spine. Allow the light to open, cleanse and clear your root chakra while taking in a deep breath. Imagine a flower, door or window opening at each chakra area. Repeat this for each of the seven main energy centers starting from the root to the crown. Focus on joy, excitement and love to further raise your vibration.

Now expand your consciousness out to the ends of space by taking a deep breath in and blowing it out. Let your imagination take you as far as possible.

Surrender your ego and shift your awareness by placing it on higher consciousness. Merge with higher consciousness and relax and experience what occurs for you. You may feel, see, hear or just know they’re there with you. You may ask for a sign from them letting you know they’re with you or you may see them in your mind’s eye or you may feel them. Whatever you notice write your experience down in your journal. Some of the information you receive may or may not resonate with you right away. Write down all the details you can remember even if you think it’s not important. After waiting a couple of days you can return to it in your journal and things may begin to resonate with you or you may understand more fully the information given to you.

After your experience is complete and you have recorded the details in your journal you may close your chakras by imagining each flower, door or window closing starting at the crown center at the top of your head back down to the root center at your lower pelvic area. Some people do not close their crown chakra or their root chakra to remain open to the infinite and grounded to the earth. I personally do not intentionally close down any of my chakras. It all depends on your energy and what you are used to and what you are comfortable with. I use the energy of Reiki frequently on a daily basis to navigate situations in my life. It also helps me maintain my energy centers. Different people do different things and it is all OK as long as you are comfortable with it and it resonates and works for you. You know better than anyone else what is right for you. You always have control over your own energy. Our Spirit Team respects our free will so you must ask for assistance.

Finally and most importantly, thank your Spiritual Team for their company, advice or information. Our Spiritual Teams are always around us and eager to connect with us. All they need is your acceptance to enter into your awareness and for you to notice that they are there. They cannot tell you what to do but they can guide you to understand situations from a higher perspective in order for you to make the wisest decision for yourself. Once you continue to connect with them and receive messages the process will move more smoothly and quickly. You may see them in your mind’s eye, just know they are there or feel them around you. You can ask for signs or feelings from them to confirm your thoughts.

I have communicated with my Spiritual Team since I was very young. Although, at first I didn’t accept or know that I was speaking to my Spirit Guides. Most empaths have “imaginary friends” as children. After I studied and worked on my spiritual side the process became much easier. I speak, discuss and ask them questions and for help constantly. It’s like having the best friend in the universe -literally- all the time, day and night. I am clairaudient so I can hear them telepathically and I’m clairvoyant so I see them in my mind’s eye. Sometimes I’ll find myself agreeing and discussing something while I’m doing mundane work around the house. I just know they are there. (See article on The Clair’s ) If they really want to get my attention I will feel a significant atmospheric pressure change with high pitched frequency in my ear. I do my best to heed their advice and counsel for I know it is given in complete love. They will give us signs and synchronicities to get our attention and to help us understand the world we live in. Our Spiritual Teams want us to have a beautiful and loving life here on earth and they can help us with many many different things and situations to accomplish this. We have agreed to work with them and them with us. They love us so very much and have our best interests at heart.

I hope you use this simple yet effective meditation to connect with your Spiritual Team and Guides. I know they will love to connect with you on a deeper level. It’s not hard or complicated it just takes time, patience and diligence. Before you know it connecting with your Spiritual Team will become quite natural.

Enjoy connecting with you Spiritual Team. You can use this process to connect and communicate with any Higher Consciousness you wish however that looks for you. Remember you are the Light.

If you need assistance and would like to book a reading with me please use the contact form on my website.

Blessings and Peace.


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