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Interview with an Intuitive Medium

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Hello. My name is Alison or Medium Claire to some. I am an intuitive medium and I get questions from people about my intuitive abilities and what it's like for me being a medium on a daily basis. So I would like to share with you some of my experiences and answer some of these questions for the curious and for those of you who are starting out on your intuitive journey. I will share as candidly as I can so you will be comfortable with the information and get to know me and how my abilities work for me. Everyone is different so things unfold for each of us in a different way but for the majority of the time the way intuitive abilities work are completely natural and instinctive. We have been conditioned to believe otherwise. I hope these questions and answers will help facilitate your own inquiry into the mystical and spiritual part of your own life.


What are your intuitive abilities and how do they manifest for you?

As a child I just knew things. I didn’t know how I knew them but I was extremely confident in that knowing. A surety that could not be moved by what anyone said. I always communicated with what I now know as my Spirit Team and loved ones in Spirit telepathically and out loud in private. I would ask lots of questions and hear the answer. I had extremely vivid dreams that were as real as I am here typing on my computer. I was very sensitive to other people’s energy and could sense when my parents were upset over something. I could enter a room and know what was going on with the individuals. I would retreat outside or to the quietness of my bedroom where I wrote poetry, colored in my coloring books or wrote stories about what I was feeling. Now I know these gifts to be clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. I now communicate with loved ones that have crossed over, Higher Light beings, Higher Selves, Angels and of course my Spirit Team. I am able to journey to other realms, remote view and to the Akashic Records. I also do what is called Soul Auragraphs and Higher Self-portraits. A Soul Auragraph is an artful timeline view of the soul’s life that uses pictures, colors and symbols to help guide you on your best path. A Higher Self-portrait is done when I connect to a person’s Higher Self and form a portrait of the Energetic Aspects of your Higher Self. I feel that I am just the channel to bring forth information to others to assist in the recognition of their true nature. Being able to communicate with Higher states of Consciousness is a blessing for me and I love sharing it with others and being of service.

How did you become an intuitive medium?

I believe I have always been an intuitive medium and I have just come to the realization of what it is and what it means. When I was younger I just assumed everyone was just like me. Of course they were but no one knew it at that time. I have always had an interest in psychic things, staying in haunted places, watching T.V. shows like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Charmed. I remember wanting to practice my telepathy with my younger brother and he would look at me with a befuddled look on his face. We were even gifted an Ouija board for Christmas one year! As I got older and after a life changing event things just started falling into place. I started by reading about lots of professional mediums, watching mediumship demonstrations on You Tube, listening to various podcasts and I realized that I had experiences just like them. I started a routine meditation practice that I follow to this day. It started to sink in and become clearer. I was meeting and receiving messages from my Guides during meditation. The experiences I was having was undeniable. I started to keep a journal of dreams, synchronicities, visions I had in my meditations and experiences I was having. After that I started delving into more books on metaphysical topics, spirituality, religion, and channeled works. I started to take classes, workshops and talking with others who were also realizing their own potential as an intuitive medium. I was guided to take Reiki and became a Reiki Master and started to channel Higher Light Beings. The information I receive is from Higher states of Consciousness or my Ancestors. They assist me on a daily basis with everyday life.

How do your abilities work?

I believe my abilities work by first believing we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that our loved ones are just a thought away. Our consciousness continues on even after our part in our body is completed. We are all connected to each other by our energy and with intention are able to tap into that higher awareness. Everything has a spirit and we are all part of that One Spirit and so when we place intention with focused, relaxed awareness on it then it easily comes forth. I merge with the energies of loved ones, pets, Spirit Guides, Higher Selves, and Higher Consciousness across the veil. I will even merge with the energy of objects and photos to receive information. Each one presents differently in a way that I can understand and relay the information to the sitter. I usually see in my mind’s eye how the person looked and dressed in life. I can see and feel their personality and what they did for a living or what they enjoyed doing while on earth, and how they passed. It looks like a movie of sorts. Sometimes it is like flashes of things and feelings. Other times I hear what they are saying. It is like a packet of energy filled with lots of information that I unpack and translate to the sitter. It can be a bit like charades at times. Spirit uses my experiences and current knowledge to impart their message they are trying to give to their loved one. They are very clever and never cease to amaze me with their ability and their love.

Does anyone else in your family have intuitive abilities?

On my mother's side of the family I am the fourth generation of first born females. I believe that my mother, her mother and my great grandmother all possess intuitive abilities. Actually, in an impromptu reading with friends my grandmother came through to tell me she had abilities just like me. I have an aunt that is very empathic and a brother that is also sensitive to energy. My grandmother and aunt, like me were all nurses. I grew up in a small town in South Louisiana and back then no one discussed these types of things. I have Native American and Celtic heritage on my father's side of the family.

What is your definition of the Soul?

I believe the soul is the part of us that is the repository of all our experiences from this life, from all past lives and in between lives. It contains all the attitudes, values and beliefs we have formed about our experiences as well as the decisions we’ve made about ourselves and about life, and what we’ve learned. It contains many parts-some conscious but many subconscious. It is also the home of the ego. There are many levels of awareness within each soul and each soul is different depending on the experiences each has had and the way the soul interpreted those experiences. The soul is who we are as a unique individual. If you are familiar with the soul star chakra (the eighth chakra) then this is where you store as energy all the different parts of the soul and this chakra can be tapped into for many different things.

What is your definition of the Spirit?

I believe the Spirit is the Divine part of our nature. The part that is connected to Source, connected to God. The spirit can evolve too. This means that it can develop a greater connection to God since God is infinite, there is no limit to the development the spirit can experience. Because the spirit connects to God, it is the spirit that provides mystical experiences including a feeling of oneness, of being connected with all other beings, and all of life. It is through the spirit that we have a feeling of love toward everyone and everything. The spirit makes its awareness and resources available to the soul. As our spirit evolves and becomes more refined, we begin to merge with the Oneness consciousness.

If you could go back in time fifteen years and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be? (Connected to your spiritual path/psychic development journey)

The most important piece of advice I would give myself and others is to trust your inner compass. Trust yourself fully and do not doubt your inner knowing no matter what others say or how they treat you. And the other piece of advice I would give is to believe. Believe you are part of the great Consciousness of the Universe and are a very integral part of the way it functions. Do not worry about what others may say or think of your own true unique experience. The guidance you feel is very real. And when it points you in a direction of love, joy and a feeling of well being then believe and trust it! If it alerts you to something that doesn’t feel or seem loving, joyful or uplifting then trust and believe it!

What advice would you give people to help them trust their intuition? How did you learn to trust yours?

The best advice to learn to trust your intuition is to get to know yourself more fully. Go within and cultivate your relationship with yourself. It is important to stand in your own power and not be influenced by what others think. I had a difficult time with this myself. I believe lots of sensitives, psychics, mediums, and healers have some level of challenge in this area and learning about others who have similar challenges to overcome is helpful. It is important we help each other recognize our true selves because it leads to the expansion of us all. Keep a journal of your experiences no matter how trivial they may seem. Revisit them and reflect on their relevance. Notice the synchronicity of events that you have picked up on and feel what that meaning means to you and take note of it. It is a real confidence booster to go back and revisit my journals and read something from years past and recognize the relevance of it today. Sometimes at an important time in the year like on my birthday or New Year’s I will take out one of my journals from the year before and just thumb through it and be amazed. The more you use your intuition, ask for help from your Guides and Ancestors in Spirit the more fine-tuned it becomes.

Do you believe that everyone can be a medium, or is this a gift that we need to be born with?

I believe anyone can cultivate their true nature to increase the awareness of nonphysical realities. I am a born medium yet I denied my abilities as a teen due to difficult life situations and trying to please others by doing what they wished me to do. Although, I believe I have always used my intuition in some form or another I was just not realizing it in its full capacity. If you are drawn to mediumship and are interested in it then you most likely have the ability.

What do you love the most about what you do?

What I love most about what I do is meeting people and sharing a connection of love. The work I do flows from love. Love heals, soothes and comforts us in a way nothing else does. Seeing and feeling the love from the Spirit world for their family and loved ones is uncompromising. The healing that takes place from that alone is quite satisfying.

Why do you believe it’s important for people to believe that there is life after death?

I think it is important for people to believe that there is life after death because it is the truth. We are all made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed it only changes form. Knowing that our loved ones are still around helping us, loving us, watching over us, and still taking part in our daily lives is so comforting and healing. They see things from a higher perspective and can assist us in our own healing journey. And it is done out of love. They only want the best for us in all aspects of our lives. They can now understand which things they could have done better and they help us to understand our current lives better.

How do you use your intuition in your daily life?

I use my intuition the most in my daily life by connecting to my Higher Self and Guides with meditation and if I have a question I just ask. Any time of the day I have questions concerning anything from what color clothes to wear that day to what is my most important focus for the day I ask my Guides or Higher Self. Sometimes I hear or feel the answer right away or I will be guided to a class, a book, a meditation, a crystal, to do Reiki on myself or a video. Sometimes I am guided to do nothing! I use my intuition to shop for groceries. I hold fresh fruits or vegetables in my hand and ask if it is the right one for me. Any question I am considering from the simplest to the most complex I will tune in and ask. We tend to get out of focus with daily “to do’s” and the business of life that we forget that our Guides and Angels are there just waiting for us to ask them for help. I try my best to ask as much as possible and then to say “thank you” for all the guidance. We used to call it our “common sense” when I was growing up and now I realize it has always been my inner knowing and intuition.

Share some tips or pointers for people who want to learn to communicate with their loved ones across the veil?

Believe that you can. Trust that you can. Know we are all connected like a web of energy and becoming aware of this and giving it attention calls it in to you and brings it forth. Have a clear intention of why you are wanting to communicate with your loved ones. Ask yourself and answer truthfully your reasons for desiring to communicate with your loved ones and feel it in your heart. Read, take classes and practice doing it. Quite the mind so that you may notice subtle shifts in energy around you. Pay attention to every now moment. What is happening in your life, what are you focused on and what is manifesting? You will notice synchronicities and be amazed how your loved ones are around you all the time. It is also important to find like-minded individuals that you can discuss and share experiences with.

I hope these questions and answers help you to dive into your truest self and become all that you can be. We all come from unconditional love and I believe that is what we all seek from ourselves. And to know that has always been and always will be inside of us is enlightening. Blessings and Peace to you on your journey of discovery. Please reach out with further questions or if you would like to book a reading with me please fill out the contact form on my website. Never stop learning.

Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist


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