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The Pendulum: What Is It, How Does It Work, And What Can You Do With It?

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Woman's hand holding a pendulum

Photo by Luca Volpe on Unsplash

Since it’s the season for all things mysterious and mystical I decided to discuss my experiences with the pendulum. This article is about the pendulum. What is it, how does it work, and what you can do with it. I started to awaken to my spiritual journey many years ago I had quite the experience with pendulums. At the time I didn’t understand how it worked but my curiosity was peaked and skeptical at the same time.

A pendulum is a fixed weighted object tied with a cord or string that is free flowing and used in divination. They vary from very beautiful and intricate with the use of specific crystals and metals to everyday household objects. You can make your own with a piece of string and any weighted object. The pendulum is used to ask “yes” or “no” questions or to come to a specific conclusion.

My first experience with a pendulum happened while I was on a very pleasurable vacation exploring and staying in the garden district of Savannah, Georgia with my then husband. Taking tours and going to all the historical places in and around Savannah was so enlivening and very beautiful. There were lots of ghost stories and history of the area. I felt very comfortable there. The city seemed very familiar to me and I could see and sense things all around me. He had decided to book us on an “out of the way” ghost tour. I had no idea what that entailed or what it meant. We ended up visiting an old plantation at night and it felt pretty creepy. A couple of psychics, who were running the adventure gave everyone in the group a pendulum without much instruction or education. Others in the group were asking, in my opinion, some weird and unsavory questions. At the time I could tell the answers that were being given with the pendulum to the questions were “off” and didn’t seem to resonate with me at all. We thanked them for the experience and went back to the house we were staying in. We decided to delve into researching how to use the pendulum so what I know comes directly from my own research and experiences.

The first thing I learned about the pendulum was that it works with your higher mind but can also be influenced by your subconscious mind or the mind of someone else that may be with you.

The second thing I learned was the pendulum is only used for “yes” or “no” questions and it is a good idea to clear or cleanse your pendulum before using. At this point, we said a prayer and asked a few yes or no questions. It was interesting but at the time I was still skeptical. Some of the responses we were getting were mixed in their believability and somewhat inconsistent when the questions were framed a different way. So, after that vacation, the pendulum was put away for a while.


Fast forward about 9 years to my second experience with using a pendulum. It was during my Usui Holy Fire Reiki lll Levels 1 & 2 class that as a gift my Reiki Master Teacher got everyone in the class a pendulum. By this time, I had come to realize my intuitive abilities, become more familiar with my Spirit Team, and had begun my journey of remembering. My Reiki Master Teacher taught us how to use the pendulum in Reiki sessions and how to use it to balance chakras. As soon as I picked my pendulum up and asked it to show me yes, show me no, and show me maybe it responded immediately and strongly. This is something that I had not done in the previous experience. I was amazed and I was able to practice using it on my partner in my Reiki class. I continue to use it to indicate the spin of, healing, and balancing my chakras.


What I learned from my experiences with the pendulum is that it’s connected to your own Higher Self energy and it would work the best when my mind and pendulum was clear and I was not expecting a certain answer. In other words, have no attachment to the yes or no question you are asking. When I have used it in this manner it has been increasingly accurate. But, I have also been able to change the direction of the pendulum with my thoughts and intention. So just be aware of this and use discernment in going forth with this fun discovery of divination.

When asking questions state them from a positive state. In other words, for example, “Is it for my highest good to go on this vacation with my best friend?” “Will it be best for me to do this?” or “Will going fishing with my neighbor be of benefit?” Asking from a perspective of “Should I do this or that?” is from a lower vibration because there is nothing we “should” or “shouldn’t” do. When I am asking a question I will clairaudiently hear the answers. But sometimes I will use the pendulum in instances where I feel like I would like a visual confirmation. Notice how you feel about the answer and how it makes you feel. I take the advice if it feels good to do so and will not if it doesn’t.

easy steps for using a pendulum

There are many ways to use the pendulum.

Hold it over a map of the world or certain area.

You can ask questions concerning traveling, vacations, or relocating.

Use a letter and numbers chart.

You can purchase these or get creative and make your own. Using these gives the opportunity for more in depth answers.

Use a pendulum board.

There are pendulum boards for purchase or you can also express your creativity and make one specific to your needs.

Balance and heal your chakras.

This is one of my favorite ways to use my pendulum. Once you have cleared your pendulum hold it over the appropriate area of your chakras. You will begin to notice the type of spin. Take note of the direction of spin. Is it clockwise or counterclockwise? Notice the speed and consistency of the spin. Is it slow or fast? Pay attention to the size of the spin. Is it lopsided or oval rather than circular? Is it making a smooth and round spin with the pendulum or is it haphazard? The size for me usually appears slightly larger than a CD 💿.

There is no definite answer on the rotation of the spin of the chakras. Based on my experience a clockwise rotation is open and balanced releasing energy out into the universe and a counterclockwise rotation is unbalanced and pulling in energy from the world. Tune in to your own emotional and physical health to understand what resonates with you.

If the spin is not smooth, round, or the appropriate size you can then ask your pendulum to heal this area. Set your intention. Hold the pendulum over the chakra you are working on. This takes patience and some arm strength. You may find a position where the pendulum swings freely and you are able to rest your arm on a pillow or table if necessary. The pendulum will spin for a awhile then come to a complete stop over the chakra when it has completed the healing. Be sure to thank it and move to the next chakra. I will normally say the word “heal” over each chakra when I am in this process so the intention for each area is clear. When you are finished you can place the pendulum over each chakra again and notice any differences from your initial assessment. Tune into how you are feeling compared to before. It is nice to journal your results so you can be aware of your progress. Remember, if you are experiencing something you’re unsure about seek out a qualified energy healer or Reiki practitioner.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article on pendulums. Have fun with exploring this intriguing and healing form of divination. Happy healing.

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Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist


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