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Merging With My Spirit Guides During A Self Reiki Session

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

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I received my first Reiki attunements in 2017. After that wonderful and mystical experience I began to have beautiful healing experiences with my Spirit Team and the Universe itself. This is one of many of those experiences. Merging with my Spirit Guides during self Reiki was not anything I had planned but the merging into Oneness with my Spirit Team has to be one of the most memorable and loving experiences I have encountered as my spiritual journey of discovery has begun.

As I began to work with the Reiki energy it began to bring up and reveal healing that was necessary to take place within in me. At the time I did self-Reiki sessions often. I enjoyed the peaceful and relaxing energy and I had never really experienced anything quite like it before.

This particular session was so beautiful and healing for me. I had prepared for the session in my usual way by clearing my room, calling in my Spirit Team, and activating the Reiki symbols. I often listen to soft relaxing music during any of my Reiki sessions. As I began, I could feel the warm flow of loving energy deeply soothing and comforting me. At times, I could see the healing that was taking place through my clairvoyant vision in my mind’s eye. The energetic movement of colored lights was riveting and I could also hear telepathic explanations and suggestions around each area of concern. I could feel my chakras all vibrating. The weight of my whole body was feeling like a distant thought. As I moved my hands into all the different hand positions the Reiki energy was melting away all of my life’s concerns. It was such a wondrous feeling. I am very clairvoyant so watching the different energy around me was fascinating. I felt like I was somewhere in space. Here but not here at the same time. Floating and free of any concerns of this life and the body. A very otherworldly pleasant feeling.


There I was in a state of indescribable bliss and I began to “see” in my Third Eye clairvoyant vision faces and symbols I had come to know as my Spirit Guides. I could feel the love and compassion just pouring out to me. One by one, I could see their faces, attire, and symbols that I associate with them. Then the faces would melt and then turn into colors. Pure whole beings of light. The colors were stunning. These colors of energy started to dive one by one into my energy field and swirling all around me. I could also hear them telepathically. I heard “You are us and we are you”. I felt such deep love and admiration. Those words took my mind by surprise and at the same time in my heart it felt so right, so normal.

It felt amazing to realize and know that my Spirit Team I have loved and adored all this time was one with me! Not some separate impersonal onlooker just there to make sure I was headed in the right direction and to keep me out of trouble but someone, something more than just myself who was part of me and experiencing the ups and downs of this life together with me not apart from me.

The Oneness consciousness was really taking hold in my mind and soul. And I could really begin to accept this concept as being true. I currently have about six guides in Spirit that I work with quite often in addition to the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Guides, and Spirit Animals. To feel even closer to them was a remarkable experience. It was like coming home to myself once again.

As a child I could always feel lots of energy around me. I have had conversations with this energy my whole life and now I am so grateful to remember and communicate with these energies in a more consistent and spiritual way. Knowing that they will always be with me and within me is so calming and reassuring. It felt like I was reconnecting with parts of myself that I had forgotten all about. An increased awareness, wholeness and unification had taken place.

Knowing more about my Spirit Team and Guides has given me increased knowledge about

myself. Learning from them, their history, and our lifetimes together has given me more insight into myself as a multidimensional being and has made numerous situations in my life become clearer and understandable.

If you would like to read more about how to connect to your Spirit Team check out my article An Easy Way to Connect with Your Spirit Guides here.

Thanks for reading and many blessings.

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Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Growth Artist


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