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Simple Steps for Smudging and Clearing Your Home or Space

lady's hand smudging with abalone shell, white sage, crystals

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Spring is a time when I want to begin to start cleaning out the old and getting excited about what new and exciting things will bloom. Whether that is cleaning out closets, sprucing up the yard or opening up my windows and clearing the energetic space in my home. I feel a new beginning is being birthed each year when springtime arrives.

If you live in a climate where it gets cold or chilly during the winter your house has been closed up for a while. When the weather begins to warm up a bit from the dark and cold winters I love to clean and clear my home. There is a feeling of release and expectation that comes from nature and springtime. A time to open up and begin again with a freshness and vitality.

I have always associated my home space as a part of me and when I clean or spruce things up I feel lighter and equipped to take on new thoughts and ideas. I'll explain to you how I do it so you can do an energetic clean up of your own. Here are my simple steps for smudging and clearing your home or space.

Smudging has been around for centuries initiated by Native Americans, Indigenous peoples in North America, and around the world. It is a ritual that involves the use of herbs to cleanse energy around you, create a balanced and harmonious space and can act as a prayer or meditation. Just so you know, there are so many ways and different herbs you can use to clear a space. But here I'll discuss simple steps for smudging and clearing your home or space with white sage. Feel free to add your own steps or adjust them to suit you and what resonates with you. I love to connect with different plants and herbs for their different medicinal and energetic properties and white sage is one that I resonate with deeply. Before I begin I love to sit with the herb for a moment and blend with it's presence. I give thanks for it being with me and assisting me with a cleansing of my energetic space. There is a lightness and a comforting peace I feel with white sage. I know it's properties enhance my surroundings with its grace and also has a strong presence that ushers out what is not needed.


white sage leaves, white sage plant, herb

Photo: Joshua Reddenkopp on Unsplash

1.I prefer to choose a nice day when the weather outside is cooperative and I can easily and comfortably open my doors and windows. For me, this is a nice cool temperature and the sun is out. Most of the time I will conduct a clearing after my home has been physically cleaned but this is not necessary. But it helps!

2. I choose what herb or method I will use to cleanse with. You can clear a space with intention, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, Reiki, and/or you can smudge with herbs. Depending on your intention, select a herb to use or you can use what you have around in your area that is easily obtainable where you live. The best place to get herbs for smudging is to grow them yourself. If you are not able to then ensure you get them from a reputable seller. I use white sage mostly but occasionally I will use cedar, copal, frankincense, myrrh, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, and sometimes lavender. There has been a connection between spirituality and herbs for thousands of years. The medicinal properties of plants and herbs are widely known and have been used to cultivate a peaceful and natural state between the body, mind, and spirt for ages. Herbs are so healing and nourishing.

3. After deciding on which herb is best suited for my needs and in this case white sage, I collect my supplies. I use the following:

Sage bundle,


fire proof bowl with sand or abalone shell, and a

feather (optional).

4. I call in my Spirit Team, set my intention, and say a prayer.

5. I play peaceful relaxing music or high frequency music. You can also sing or chant a mantra.

6. I light the sage bundle until it flames and I let it flame for a few seconds then I blow it out until it smokes. I walk around my home starting at the back door in a counterclockwise fashion. I make sure the smoke gets into all the corners and spaces. You can use your feather here for this or you can use your breath to blow the smoke into the corners and tight spaces. I open my cabinets, appliances, and closets. I say " I clean and clear this space with love and light." You can say whatever resonates with you. Be sure to take care when walking around your house with the smoldering sage bundle because ashes can fly off of it. Use your abalone shell or fireproof bowl with sand to catch them.

7. After completing the walk around my home I let the smoke permeate the areas for about 5-10 minutes depending on how smoky it gets. Then I open a few windows and my doors and let all the smoke out. If the day is nice and I plan on staying home I may leave the house open for quite some time. You can do what feels comfortable to you.

8. I then put the sage bundle out with the sand in my bowl. I give thanks and appreciation to it and my Spirit Team for assisting me.

9. I sit back and enjoy the great feelings of peace and comfort that is all around. And with the windows open I can hear the birds singing. I relax into this feeling as long as possible with gratitude. Enjoy!

10. You can wrap your sage bundle back in the wrap it came in or you can leave it out in an area you store all of your dried herbs.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy way to start afresh. Using these simple steps for smudging and clearing your home or space you inhabit can help you with clarity of mind and a peaceful feeling. You can do this anytime you feel called to do so.

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Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, and Spirit Artist

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