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The Importance Of Creating Your Own Beliefs

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According to my Spirit Guides it is so important to create our own beliefs from our connection to our inner being. I have been getting lots of encouragement to turn within and consult my Higher Self with beliefs that I question or that I am considering adopting. I do spend my fair share of time “Googling” things I wish to know more about. But my Spirit Guides say “You already know this.” Wow.

What do you believe in? What is your belief system and how did it come to be? Why do you believe what you do? These were wonderful questions I was presented with in the beginning of my spiritual awakening by a most wise teacher. My Spirit Team just recently brought this around to my attention again and expressed a huge importance of doing so. They explained that it was so important for us to create our own belief system based on what we know to be true for ourselves from our inner being and not based on someone else’s opinion or beliefs which is a projection of collective thoughts and ideas. Of course, we can learn and get inspiration from others but we have everything we need inside of us. They really encouraged me to reexamine my beliefs at this time. I started to meditate on the profound question of where do my beliefs come from, why do I believe them, and how have they shaped my life? What beliefs were false beliefs? I really didn’t realize the magnitude of this question when it was first presented. It has been a process of learning, relearning, exploring, reformulating, and back again.

Remembering the truth of who you are is why you are here.

When I turn inward and ask my Higher Self that speaks through love and with a knowing of remembering, I always, in one way or another, get an answer. It may be before I finish asking or a few days later. But the answer is always there. I have certainly changed my beliefs over and over again as I explore new experiences and come to understand some of my previous beliefs more clearly.

We are a society of beliefs. All my life the color of the sky has been blue. Collectively, most people would agree. So therefore, the sky is blue. We are taught in schools at an early age when we start to create that we should color or paint the sky some shade of blue. Lately, I have been seeing skies of all colors. In my own experiences and from pictures by others. Magnificent colors in the sky. In addition to blue there multiple shades of pinks, oranges, reds, and purples. And many who live and travel to the Northern Lights in Iceland see a variety of colors in the sky.

According to science, we know the light waves and the position of the sun cause these.

The point is, we create our own experiences through our thoughts, words, and actions.

It has come to my attention lately that it’s so important to come to our own beliefs from our own inner knowing.

Now that several structures of belief systems are starting to be disproved and recognized for what they are it is critical to create what we want from our own passion and desires. Passions that come from within and not from others opinions.

What you believe is true for your life experience. Thoughts you have about yourself and the world around you. When delving into your truths and beliefs really feel into it. As an empath, we tend to adapt to others feelings and beliefs quite easily. Mostly to keep the peace and harmony in relationships. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But we end up sacrificing our own needs, wants, and stifling our own abilities to create the life we want. And we are here to create. Remember, you are worthy to have all the wonderful things you want that reside in your heart.

Some mindful questions to ponder when you are exploring your own beliefs are:

Where or who did this belief come from? Does this belief make me feel passionate? Does it make me feel joyful?

How did I come to believe in this?

Did I agree with this from another person’s view or was this part of my own experience?

Especially, when you start to look at your beliefs about yourself and who you are. How did you come to those conclusions? We’re they handed down to you or did they come up from your heart?

Is having this certain belief for my highest good? How is this belief serving me and bringing about a joy filled life?

The most important question is, does this belief come from a place of love or fear?

Everyone is capable of deciding to believe what they wish. And that’s the beauty of life here on Planet Earth.

When I started to really write down and contemplate my belief system I discovered that the majority of the beliefs I had were picked up from authority figures, parents, friends, teachers, coworkers, and religious leaders. We have to look at why do we adapt ourselves to beliefs of others? How and why is giving our power to others to shape our lives something we feel inclined to do? I am not saying you won’t agree with others or feel the same way on many particular subjects. That is certainly true. But did you come upon the belief from your own experience or did you adopt it from someone else’s perspective? In this day it is important to feel safe in expressing your own ideas and beliefs without the whispers of self judgement.

I looked at all these questions and ideas over the years and discovered that I was creating my environment based mostly on old beliefs and thoughts. And letting them go to make room for my own true heart felt beliefs was empowering. We all have the power to re imagine ourselves the way we wish to be and not the way someone else expects us to be. It can be difficult to have beliefs that the majority do not agree with but it is just as valid and important.

Of course, our beliefs will continue to change because we are growing and expanding into our Highest Self. Our best Self. The Self that naturally evolves out of love and makes decisions based on loving thoughts.

This was such a powerful message for me even though I had heard it before. It is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves. Moment by moment choosing the Self. The idea of falling in love with yourself first, then all else flows from that love came to mind.

Explore these questions and remember who you truly are. There is an ongoing changing and growth that occurs. Become more aware of your own ideas and thoughts and keep them coming from a place of respect and honor. If they do not come with a feeling of goodness and grace let them go. Create new ones of prosperity, love, abundance, joy, and peace. You are the Master Creator. Do not apologize for being and knowing Who You Are.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you stop and consider where your current belief system comes from. It does change as we are constantly changing moment by moment. We are made of energy and energy constantly changes. We vibrate at a certain frequency and so do our thoughts. Let’s align and remember our thoughts that arise from our inner being. The being that wants the best for us in all things.

Many blessings

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Alison Woods

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist

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