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You Can Fly: A Beautiful Message From A Butterfly

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I opened my back door on this cool October Halloween morning. The wind was rustling through the trees, the birds were chirping, the sun was beaming down against an autumn blue sky. I could hear the leaves falling to the ground and I could sense Spirit all around me. There was an excitement in the air. It was a most pleasant and joyous feeling. The sounds of nature truly intoxicate me. So as I looked around I saw a butterfly just sitting on the ground. It wasn’t moving around much. I watched it there on the ground wondering what it was doing there so still. It moved a bit and its legs seemed to be wobbly like a newborn calf. I thought it might be hurt but the legs looked alright, just weak. Then I heard “It just came out of its cocoon and it is trying to figure things out.” I said “Oh my gosh.” My empathy was so incredibly intense as I watched this newly born butterfly try to balance its wings on its back and stand on these little stick legs. My heart just cracked open. It was beautiful yet a bit difficult to watch. The butterfly was trying to balance its wings and adapt to a whole new body and I was trying to balance my own need to rush in and assist or just let it discover what it could do on its own. I could instantly relate this stage of transformation to my own life experiences. Since my awakening started around 2008 I have completely changed inside and out several times over. So much that when I look back at the old me it seems like lifetimes ago.


I didn’t want it to fly away before I could get a photo so I picked up my phone and took some video. I had never seen a butterfly so still for so long. I watched this small being with stick legs wobble over and over and pick its wings off the ground several times over. I continued to watch as I got closer and closer until I was right upon it! I could not believe I was so close and it wasn’t flying away.


My first thought was to give it Reiki so I couldn’t resist putting my hand out to it. I was in awe that I could get this close. It climbed up on my finger without hesitation. The wind was blowing the seemingly heavy wings and the little butterfly would fall into my hand. I just let it stay there as long as it needed. Reiki was flowing and the butterfly moved from my finger to my hand and back again. All the while getting stronger and stronger, balancing, coordinating, opening and closing its wings.


As I continued to watch this beautiful life unfolding, I couldn’t help thinking how relevant this was to my own life. How many times did I try new things, take on new beliefs, and stumble and fall? It was a magical moment. While I was giving this butterfly Reiki I whispered “You know you can fly.” As soon as I said it I felt like I was saying the same thing to myself. A new beginning with new opportunities.

Not long after those words left my lips this beautiful creature stood completely up in my hand. Looking strong, balanced and walking across my hand. Then as a gust of wind came through this magnificent creature just took off and flew gloriously into the blue sky flapping its wings just as perfect as can be.


As I went on a morning walk I saw several more butterflies. I thought my new friend will have lots of family to assist it on its new journey.


I knew deep inside this was a powerful spiritual message demonstrated right in front of my very eyes. Not only a message for me but for humanity as a whole. I felt Spirit really saying to us all that we are taken care of, we are so very much loved, supported, nurtured and cared for. It’s time for us to fly. It’s time for us to come to know ourselves as beautiful, strong, powerful, conscious and loving beings. It’s time for us to express ourselves fully and freely without hesitation. To stop playing small and realize we are in control of our own reality. In my life there have been numerous occasions when I felt unbalanced and wobbly. Not able to make a solid decision. Giving in to unproductive thoughts and the unknown. I suppose the butterfly could have thought “I feel unsure and wobbly. I think I’ll just stay in this lady’s hand and everything will be fine.” But that isn't what the innate intelligence of the butterfly guides it to do. But how grateful I felt to see it take flight into the unknown, flying and showing off its captivating colors and movements. How joyful and playful it is to see butterflies darting in and out, taking in nourishment from a beautiful flower and moving their wings so they show bright flashes of color in the sunlight? And each of us have those captivating colors, moves, ideas that transform and create, and the ability to bring forward a life of our choosing. Follow your own intuitive guidance and fly.

I hope this story of transformation and beauty touched your heart as it did mine. We are transitioning into a better world and it takes love and compassion to calm the waves. Let us show ourselves how much we are loved and cared for. And remember “You can fly.”

If you would like support and guidance for your own spiritual transformation please contact us today!

Peace and blessings.

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Spiritual Medium, Spirit Artist


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