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How Reiki Transformed My Life

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

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I first discovered Usui Holy Fire® Reiki over seven years ago. Even though I was told by my Reiki Guide that I was involved in the healing temples of Egypt that used a form of Egyptian Reiki in a past (parallel) life. I had such a strong pull to experience this wonderful healing modality. I started my spiritual awakening around 2008 and I felt beliefs falling away and being led to different perspectives with a strong curiosity to delve deeper into what I was being called to do. I was searching for self-discovery and healing for myself and I felt Reiki was going to assist me in extending my knowledge base of energy healing and expanding my spiritual life. I have always been health conscious and mindful about exercise and diet. I have been a registered nurse for almost thirty years with twenty of those years in a critical care setting. With all the conventional medical knowledge available to me I was looking for something deeper. Something that would come from the very depths of my soul. I just knew the healing had to come from within me. I knew I had the capability of seeing myself in a new way, whole, complete and healed. Once I started researching my options I was easily led to a Reiki Master Teacher in my area and scheduled time to take the first and second level class over a weekend. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into. I already had many psychic, mediumistic, and spiritual experiences since childhood and I had been meditating for quite some time. I wanted to go deeper into the vastness of everything yet I wasn’t really sure what that was going to look like. I wanted guidance from a higher perspective on what I was facing in my life. I knew as a youngster there was more here than what meets the eye. I was looking for healing in all areas of my life. I had a thirst and a yearning to know more about all of my unanswered questions. I was excited and thrilled at meeting other like-minded individuals. My Reiki Master Teacher was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and supportive environment to learn.


After the first day of learning Usui Holy Fire ® Reiki history, the techniques and traditions I was deeply moved.

I couldn’t quite understand what was happening but I knew it was transformative. The story of Mikao Usui was so amazing and extraordinary. His story of awakening inspired me further. There was lots of new information that challenged my current thoughts and belief systems at the time but yet there was a deep feeling of peace and happiness that left me contented and at the same time wanting more. Each experience was so amazing and with my clairvoyance and clairaudience I was seeing and hearing things I had never dreamed of. When explaining these experiences to my master teacher she was very supportive and accepting which helped me become more confident in what I was being shown. I felt safe to share myself as I have never shared before for fear of being ridiculed. Still today as I look back on my notes of the class I am still moved very deeply by the experiences. It all seemed very new to me but at the same time very natural. When it was time for our practice sessions my intuition kicked in and I was being shown what to treat and how. My partner completely fell asleep during our first practice treatment. And if you’ve ever had a Reiki session you understand relaxing deeply so that you fall asleep is quite common.

After meeting with and spending time with the kindred souls of my Usui Holy Fire® Reiki class I began to see things in a totally different light. I looked upon all things as being alive and connected. I could literally see a white light of energy around all things and how they were all connected. I would come home from the class and the trees, the sky, the clouds, the air, the birds, the flowers, the wind were all alive, moving and speaking to me with such love and peace. Everything just felt different yet completely natural. It was amazing! I had never felt such profound beingness before even though I had been very sensitive as a child. My sensitivities started to open up more and more. Although I have always spoken to Spirit since childhood it became increasingly more clear and more often. I felt like all these feelings that were tucked away nice and neat were now coming up to be re-experienced in a new way. With new vision and perspective. With unconditional love and compassion.

When the class was over I felt like I would never experience anything like that again. Of course that had to be the ultimate and how could I expect something like that to be repeated? So I thought. After introducing all of my friends, coworkers and family to the Usui system of Reiki healing they were amazed at how peaceful and wonderful they felt after a treatment. Then I waited the allotted time to pass before I could take the Master Level class. I was eager to learn as much as possible about Reiki as there was to learn.


After a year of practicing Reiki on everything and everyone I was eager to enroll in the Usui Holy Fire® Master Reiki class.

This was more intense and profound than the first. I became more and more interested in my energy field and how it works. I could start to see clairvoyantly my energy field and all the colors in it. When I had difficulties Reiki was there showing me the way. Leading me with grace and peace. Upgrading my thoughts and beliefs. Teaching me profound lessons of courage, unconditional love, acceptance and self-love. I knew if anything was going on in my life whether it was mental, emotional or physical I could turn to Reiki and it would show me how healing was occurring. I learned to look at circumstances differently and from a higher perspective. I was completely blown away at the preciseness and completeness of my treatments on myself and clients. Reiki always has the answers to whatever I could ever be facing. It became easier and easier for me to connect with my Higher Self, my Spirit Guides and my Ancestors on the Other Side. In fact, it became so easy I could see that they were with me all the time and everywhere I went. What a huge comfort! When I felt the uneasiness of the world or had any questions my Spirit Team was right there to support me with unconditional love. It took some time for all the energies to come together and change my dynamic field of energy. I went through a lot of questioning and wondering if what I was going through was in fact real. Back and forth, on and on I went but I stayed with it and continued to practice Reiki each day for various situations and each time clarity and my own authenticity began to shine through more and more. To this day I continue to use Reiki daily in various ways for myself, family and clients.


Again, I came to a point where I wanted to continue to learn the most I could possibly learn and integrate myself with this beautiful healing energy system. I chose to take the Karuna® Reiki Master class.

Once again, I turned to my Reiki Master Teacher to embark on furthering my Reiki experience and knowledge and it was more than I could have ever expected. The beautiful Karuna® Reiki energy is powerful yet compassionate and loving. I felt more in tune with my True Nature than I have ever felt in this lifetime. Everything started to gel and make sense. The clarity and loving nature of this energy was just what I was looking for. The compassionate action nature of Karuna® Reiki was just what I was attempting to discover. And realizing that this remarkable energy is me was a definite revelation. I was looking for my authentic self to be revealed and the Reiki energy provided healing and complete understanding of my own personal needs. All of the Reiki energy works together to enhance and compliment itself. There are no limitations on what it can do. It is as infinite as your own imagination. My relationship with myself was becoming more beautiful as well as my relationships with others. I have always been fond of working with the Ascended Masters and Angels but after this attunement it became the most natural thing for me to reach higher and ask more complex and deep questions about life and my purpose. I became healthier in mind, body and spirit. I was evolving into a newly created being. I was being shown with grace and dignity what beliefs I had that were not in alignment with Source. I will always be grateful for this opportunity in self-discovery. And grateful for the ones that came before us leading the way to teach, practice and communicate this healing energy to the world. Reiki continues to expand my consciousness and lead me to further growth and expansion. It starts with you wherever you are and gently and lovingly shows you the way. It can be used for an infinite amount of things and infinite amount of ways, situations and circumstances. Its reach is wide and vast. There is nothing that it will not help and is always available. Reiki is complementary to any medical treatment and never does harm. Reiki is not a religion and requires nothing from you except a willingness to change and to receive. I continue to use Reiki daily for the changing times. There is a growth and expansion that occurs. Each challenge is met with peace and compassion. I believe as we grow and spiral upwards the Reiki energy is right there with us. It is truly a blessing.

I hope this article gives you more information about Reiki and how it can assist you. This is only a very condensed version of some of the ways Reiki has been a beneficial instrument in my own life. This is my experience and each person’s experiences are different. Reiki is its own intelligence and will do what is best for each individual. The joy of the discovery and the evidence of healing and change are indescribable. If you ever decide to either receive a Reiki treatment or take a Reiki class I hope you come to know the powerful and healing energy as I have. I am grateful to have been introduced to Reiki and its wonderful potential.

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