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Positive Aspects of Being an Empath

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There are many aspects of being an empath. The majority of the time we tend to discuss the “negative” side of being an empath or the parts that don’t make us feel so good about being an empath and how to “protect” ourselves. Although this is equally important I want discuss and focus on the more positive aspects of being an empath to create influential awareness. Although we live in a dualistic world (for now) we experience both sides of things and I believe what we focus on the most manifests. So in light of this I would like to focus on the more positive qualities of being empathic. I feel this aspect has the potential to elevate and heal the collective consciousness a great deal. Learning to trust our guidance is one of the most important things we can do.


The feeling of absolute joy and excitement of another.

For me this is the top feeling of being an empath. For example, when you are with or see a child open their favorite Christmas or birthday gift their whole being lights up. You can’t help but feel joyous. Or when your best friend tells you some exciting news and their light shines so bright with joy and excitement you feel like it’s you this is happening to. The technical term for this is called clairempathy or clear psychic sense which is different than human empathy. It can work both ways of course but I wanted to emphasize the pleasant side. The way we look at and interpret circumstances will be different for everyone. Knowing someone else’s discomfort can also lead to increased compassion and healing.

Knowing when someone isn’t telling the truth.

Empaths are known as human lie detectors. It always amazes me when someone can tell us a story and the whole time you “know” they are not being honest with you. No matter their expressions or words you just “know” it is not the truth.

Getting a “heads up” to dangerous situations or when something feels off or not quite right.

It’s definitely beneficial when we know not to go to a certain place, take a certain turn, go a certain way or go somewhere with someone who doesn’t have our best interest at heart.

Feeling deep compassion for someone in difficult circumstances which assists in healing.

When you have clear empathy of what someone else is experiencing you can offer deep compassion and love to their pain and situation. By holding space with love and compassion to enter into these areas it allows for a space to open up and love to fill it. This promotes healing and understanding for all.

Being naturally creative.

Empaths are naturally creative. Being in tune with sounds, feelings, senses and knowing allows the right side of our brains to be expanded upon. Empaths love music(in the perfect frequency of course), writing, drawing , painting, singing, dancing or creating something out of nothing sort to speak. Empaths have a knack for taking a few scraps of material and creating a one of a kind dress sure to impress or creating a masterpiece out of what someone else would throw out. This inner vision can certainly be applied to larger scale projects in the world in unlimited proportions. Empaths are naturally good at coloring outside the lines and having unique and creative ideas for complex issues.

Being easily attuned to your own energy and can release it if needed.

Sensitives are keenly attuned to their own energy and can astutely tell when something is amiss. Being in tune with our energy systems is of great benefit to healing ourselves and others. When one begins the process of unfolding the layers of life and coming to a broader understanding of awareness it seeps out into the world and affects others in their life in a positive way.

Ability to heal yourself and others.

Most empaths are natural healers. Usually growing up with complex or difficult lives that impart or lead to a calling of healing in some form. Sensitives are in tune when something is off with their own system and are adept at energy healing. The majority will study Shamanism and/or Reiki, nursing, medicine or some other form of healing modality.

When one thinks of combining one or more of these positive aspects (or ones of your own) of being an empath into something magnificent to put out into the world the options are limitless. Realizing that you are the one in control of your own energy and you are more powerful than you think is enlightening.

When I first began to discover that I was an empath it was a beautiful revelation because there was finally an explanation of what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing and knowing. In the beginning it can be quite jarring when you first begin to sense these things and wondering if everyone else is sensing the same. Or not. Knowing more, trusting and learning more about yourself is of great help. I hope your journey as an empath is as smooth and healing as possible. The more information that becomes available the better. Because it helps us all. I hope sharing some of the positive aspects of being an empath helps your path to become lighter. Blessings.

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