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What Is a Distance Reiki Session Like?

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Photo credit: Unsplash


Lately I have been getting questions about Distance Reiki and how it heals from a distance. How can it work when your client is not in the same room? Most Reiki practitioners prefer to be with their clients to observe and take questions but Distance Reiki is just as profound in my opinion. Considering the current situation and precaution Distance Reiki is a viable, healing and loving solution that has the potential to help so many that may not otherwise be able to participate in an in person Reiki session. Over the past few years I have done many Reiki sessions for clients, friends and where the receiver was in the hospital or not able to get out of their home. Reiki does not interfere with any medical treatments. It only has positive effects. Reiki is often used in hospitals and cancer clinics to ease pain and promote healing. I decided to write an explanation of how Distance Reiki works and what types of things to expect with a Distance Reiki session to help clarify questions and to empower others with knowledge of this wonderful complementary treatment.

Distance Reiki is a complete energy healing and relaxation from the comfort of your own space. Everything is energy and energy does not have time space boundaries therefore Distance Reiki transcends time and space to deliver relaxing healing life force energy to the receiver. It is very similar to a massage therapy session in the fact the receiver is lying down in a comfortable position completely relaxed but fully clothed. Reiki energy heals on all levels of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is transformational in all aspects of life.

Distance Reiki sessions can be done live on Zoom or if you prefer you can just lie down and relax at your scheduled time where it’s comfortable and you will not be disturbed for the whole session. Sessions may last from 45 minutes to an hour or longer depending on the client.

Once you schedule a Distance Reiki session with a Reiki practitioner make sure to include extra time for yourself before the session to answer a few basic questions and after the session to relax, receive the energy, and enjoy.

Make sure to get comfortable and relax in a location that is comfortable, quiet as possible, where you will not be disturbed for the entire session if at all possible. You may use blankets, pillows, flowers, crystals, relaxing spa music, journal pen and paper or whatever you feel you need. If you have animals they absolutely love the relaxing nature of Reiki energy.

Reiki is always working to balance you on all levels: body, mind, and soul. Distance Reiki works on your auric field (the energy around you), your body and the energy system throughout your body (chakra system). It is a complete experience.

During your session you may or may not feel sensations of warmth, tingling, coldness or relaxation. You may even fall asleep. Afterwards, notice how you feel. Was there anything that came up for you that you want to keep in your journal? Any memories or experiences? Any feelings? If there isn’t anything immediately be observant over the next few days and you may notice or experience a difference. Have some extra water after your session.

Plan some time for a follow up with your practitioner to discuss your session if applicable and to answer any questions.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your Distance Reiki session. It is a wonderful experience and I encourage all to try it!

As I am an intuitive medium and I may or may not receive information from Spirit during a session. It is important to let the Reiki practitioner know if you are not comfortable receiving such information.

Please reach out with any further questions on Reiki, Distance Reiki, or Reiki classes. If you would like to book a Distance Reiki session with me please schedule a convenient time for yourself.



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