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What to Expect From a Usui/Holy Fire® lll Reiki Level 1 & 2 Class

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The decision to start on a spiritual path with Reiki is like walking into a beautiful soul filled journey that will change your life in a remarkable and tremendous way. Whether you decide to learn Reiki for spiritual reasons or for healing it will be an amazing benefit to you and those around you. I am unable to list all the infinite ways Reiki has changed my life. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses life force energy of spiritual wisdom for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. The term Reiki is derived from two Japanese syllables, Rei and Ki. It is pronounced “Ray Key” and it means universal life energy. Rei represents the source of this energy and Ki represents the energy’s movement with in and around us. Receiving Reiki is pleasant and simple. Reiki is not a religion and is a complimentary therapy that is being used by many doctors, hospitals and cancer centers today. Reiki is similar to a river that flows easy and peacefully exactly where it is needed the most. It is its own intelligence and consciousness and always knows the most appropriate place to flow to. Reiki can help and benefit all including children, animals, and plants.

The Reiki classes I offer are Usui Holy Fire®III Reiki classes as given by the International Center of Reiki Training ( and these are some of the many wonderful things to expect from a Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level 1 & 2 class. The Level one and two class is the one I will be discussing here and are taught together over a period of two days. Currently all classes are taught live “in person” on Zoom. This allows a one on one connection with each student by the teacher and with others with similar interests. You will be in the comfort of your own home yet be able to connect with others and the energy of Reiki in an informal setting conducive to learning. It is better if you have the entire time of the class to solely devote to your experience. It is a joy to share this complimentary healing with others.

The following include but are not limited to the benefits of Reiki Level one and two classes and becoming a Reiki practitioner:

. You will learn the amazing history of Usui Reiki, its lineage and about the Reiki Master teachers that came before.

. You will learn the three Pillars of Reiki and techniques used when giving and sending a Reiki treatment.

. You will learn the five Reiki Ideals that are sure to enhance your life.

. You will learn about the seven main energy centers or chakras and auras.

. You will learn about, draw and feel the energy of three symbols which includes the Distance symbol.

. You will learn to give a complete Reiki treatment and give Distance Reiki to friends, family, plants, and pets, including yourself.

. You will learn about the Hayashi Reiki Healing Guide and the hand placements for a full Reiki treatment for others and for self-Reiki.

. You will practice giving a complete Reiki treatment using all the symbols and give a Distance Reiki treatment.

. You will increase your life force energy flow, opening and clearing your energy centers, and bringing healing, peace and love to the earth.

. You will open and increase your natural intuitive abilities.

. You will learn to use Reiki in many different practical ways to navigate your life.

. There is a 178 page manual either digital or bound and a certificate.

These are only some of the wonderful benefits of learning Reiki level one and two. Reiki is individual for each person and each person’s experience will be unique to them. Reiki knows what you need the most and when you need it. The more you work with it, allow it to guide and lead your life the more it increases. Always ask Reiki to be invited to each situation or circumstance in your life and you will find solutions. Reiki always respects your free will and it never causes harmful effects. It can and will heal most acute and chronic illnesses — healing them back to the root cause. It is used as a complimentary treatment and does not interfere with any traditional medical treatments. It induces peace and calm which provides a space for healing to take place. I encourage all people to experience Reiki if they are so guided. Look for a local practitioner in your area for an in person treatment or experience a Distance Reiki session or class. I am positive you will enjoy all the ways Reiki can enhance your life.

Note: There are many different kinds of Reiki and one is not any better or worse than the other and Reiki practitioners and teachers all have their unique way of teaching and practicing. You must find the practitioner or teacher that is right for you and one you feel comfortable with. Follow your intuition when selecting a Reiki practitioner or teacher for yourself. No matter the manner in which you experience Reiki I am most certain it will be a wonderful experience.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have concerning Reiki sessions, classes or interests. If you would like to book a Reiki class please fill out the contact form on my website.



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